Ignite Presentation: Continental Drift Theory

12 Slides. 15 seconds / slide. 3-minute talk.  I used the Ignite Presentation format for my students to present their understanding of the Continental Drift Theory particularly the evidences that prove the existence of Pangaea. They first had a Jigsaw Discussion on the following evidences: Continental Jigsaw Puzzle (shapes of continents) Rocks Coal Deposits Fossils […]

Jigsaw Discussion on Seismic Waves

It was my first time to try a Jigsaw Discussion inside my class. It needs time and a lot patience and TRUST in order for it work. I have to group them and within the groups “mini experts” were assigned to study different things. In this case, Seismic waves. They had no idea what seismic […]

Hugot sa Science

It will take a whole lot of understanding of the concepts before anyone can make a “Hugot” post. So I let my students get their creative juices out to show how much they have learned in Plate Tectonics. I enjoyed reading some of them and they are worth sharing. This is a very witty hugot […]

Performance Test 1.1 -Preparing a Survival Kit

As a concluding activity for the topic Plate Tectonics, the students were given a task to present a survival kit a person needs to prepare in case of earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanic eruption; some of the serious effects of the movement of the crustal plates. These group of students are from Grade 10-Jaena of Ilocos […]

Dynamic Plates Mobile App

Dynamic Plates is a mobile application available for iPad and Android devices. I first learned about this wonderful application in Edmodo when the creator himself shared it for free for a limited time. I immediately downloaded it because I know that my students will learn Plate Tectonics particularly the Types of Plate Boundaries better with […]