3D Simulation: Seafloor Spreading

This activity is included in the DepEd Learner’s Module for Grade 10, it teaches students the concept of seafloor spreading. By using board papers, bond papers, and coloring materials, they are able to make a 3D model of Seafloor Spreading. The students learned a lot and I also learned a lot from my students through […]

Ignite Presentation: Continental Drift Theory

12 Slides. 15 seconds / slide. 3-minute talk.  I used the Ignite Presentation format for my students to present their understanding of the Continental Drift Theory particularly the evidences that prove the existence of Pangaea. They first had a Jigsaw Discussion on the following evidences: Continental Jigsaw Puzzle (shapes of continents) Rocks Coal Deposits Fossils […]

Jigsaw Discussion on Seismic Waves

It was my first time to try a Jigsaw Discussion inside my class. It needs time and a lot patience and TRUST in order for it work. I have to group them and within the groups “mini experts” were assigned to study different things. In this case, Seismic waves. They had no idea what seismic […]

Hugot sa Science

It will take a whole lot of understanding of the concepts before anyone can make a “Hugot” post. So I let my students get their creative juices out to show how much they have learned in Plate Tectonics. I enjoyed reading some of them and they are worth sharing. This is a very witty hugot […]

Performance Test 1.1 -Preparing a Survival Kit

As a concluding activity for the topic Plate Tectonics, the students were given a task to present a survival kit a person needs to prepare in case of earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanic eruption; some of the serious effects of the movement of the crustal plates. These group of students are from Grade 10-Jaena of Ilocos […]

Dynamic Plates Mobile App

Dynamic Plates is a mobile application available for iPad and Android devices. I first learned about this wonderful application in Edmodo when the creator himself shared it for free for a limited time. I immediately downloaded it because I know that my students will learn Plate Tectonics particularly the Types of Plate Boundaries better with […]