Solving Problems with Problem Solving

“When you do something out of love, you don’t count the cost.”  Today is Tuesday, no Physics class for 12-Confucius (STEM) (since they only have Physics classes 4 times a week). I gave a summative quiz yesterday on 1-D motion. Though their papers have not been checked, one of them sent me a message on […]

Students are Liquids! (A Reflection)

General Chemistry II is one tough subject to teach, it is a real challenge to make content relevant to students especially that some of them are abstract in nature. We also lack the facilities, since we are the pioneers of the K-12 program in the Philippines, we try to make things happen. Classrooms though new […]

Culminating Activity for First Quarter

Freedom; this was the value that I wanted my students to experience for this activity. I wanted them to explore their own potentials by giving them avenues to choose their own projects that best demonstrates the things they learned in the First Quarter. First, I presented the big idea; a culminating activity for the First […]