Creative Presentations: Historical Development of Atomic Theory

As of November 8, 2016, after one year of being in the Department if Education, I have transfered from the Junior High School to Senior High School. I am now handling Grade 11 students and teaching higher level of science concepts.

One of the subjects that I am assigned to teach this semester is Physical Sciences; the first half of this subject is Chemistry and the other will be Physics. One of the performance standards set for this subject is to present any creative presentation of the Historical Developement of the Atomic Theory. To achieve this goal, I have not made an input as of content to my students, I wanted them to experience it while they do their task. We held a meeting, grouped them randomly via fishbowl, and agreed on the standard or criteria for judging and their equivalent weights, and I let them conceptualized. Along the way, they encountered difficulties, and I was more than glad to assist. The real challenge was the element of time, nevertheless, they were able to ble to make successful presentations.

Preparations were tedious; meetings, props designing, rehearsals. 

After these preparations, it was time for their presentations. One of my favorites was this puppet show musical themed presentations, team-work was evident and they focused on their talents. It was so lively, they adapted melodies of popmusic and made the lyrics relevant to our lesson.

Next, there are also teams who were alike in concept like these groups who made an Oscars-themed presentation. Having a contest for the best Model of the Atom:

Other teams presented it in a similar manner but Beauty Pageant/SuperModel Style

Some made skits and video presentations which are equally interesting.

The group presentations was evaluated not only by me, but also their peers, and allowed them to asses their own performances so they can reflect on them.

I must say that these students, have so much creative juices stored in their minds. They have so much potentials which are waiting to be unleashed.

Over-all, the activity was fun and they learned not only the content but also the value of cooperation and collaboration. They gained insights, that like the atomic theory which continues to evolve as a result of endless quenching of curiosity, life continues to flourish because we endlessly ask questions and need each others help to seek for answers.


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