3D Simulation: Seafloor Spreading

This activity is included in the DepEd Learner’s Module for Grade 10, it teaches students the concept of seafloor spreading. By using board papers, bond papers, and coloring materials, they are able to make a 3D model of Seafloor Spreading. The students learned a lot and I also learned a lot from my students through this activity.

As per observation, students with behavior problems were very engaged with this activity. Perhaps it is due tot the following circumstances; the materials are readily available, the procedure was easy to follow, and that it involves a therapeutic and relaxing activity which is coloring. In my classes, I can say that there was a 99% participation in this activity and each had a quality product. When it comes to the content, almost all students were able to explain the relevance of the product to the topic. They knew that the mid-slit represents the mid-ocean ridge where new crusts are created and that the two other slits represent the subduction zones, the stripes were the pattern formed due to magnetic reversals.

It was another satisfying moment in my life as an educator, to see that everyone is so engaged even just for once especially those with behavior problems. This is a milestone for me, and I feel so proud to all of them who put efforts to do their products. It feels great in the heart to see students who are going somewhat astray to be involved again and feel that they belong. This incident gives me hope that someday no one will live so poor, so powerless, so vulnerable – that everyone will be able to uplift their status because they know that they have all the capabilities to do whatever they want to achieve in life. 


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