Solving Problems with Problem Solving

“When you do something out of love, you don’t count the cost.”  Today is Tuesday, no Physics class for 12-Confucius (STEM) (since they only have Physics classes 4 times a week). I gave a summative quiz yesterday on 1-D motion. Though their papers have not been checked, one of them sent me a message on […]

Students are Liquids! (A Reflection)

General Chemistry II is one tough subject to teach, it is a real challenge to make content relevant to students especially that some of them are abstract in nature. We also lack the facilities, since we are the pioneers of the K-12 program in the Philippines, we try to make things happen. Classrooms though new […]

Culminating Activity for First Quarter

Freedom; this was the value that I wanted my students to experience for this activity. I wanted them to explore their own potentials by giving them avenues to choose their own projects that best demonstrates the things they learned in the First Quarter. First, I presented the big idea; a culminating activity for the First […]

3D Simulation: Seafloor Spreading

This activity is included in the DepEd Learner’s Module for Grade 10, it teaches students the concept of seafloor spreading. By using board papers, bond papers, and coloring materials, they are able to make a 3D model of Seafloor Spreading. The students learned a lot and I also learned a lot from my students through […]